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Professional editor and book coach for authors and outstanding text

Inspiring confidence through experience

Does your text stand out for the right reasons? I’m Gale Winskill, a highly qualified editor and book coach, who can provide your book with all the professional TLC it needs to shine.

Collaboration is key

Writing is your passion. Editing is mine. I specialize in fiction (adult and children’s), but also work on narrative and general non-fiction. Let’s combine forces and create something truly outstanding.

Gale Winskill

How can I help you?

Take a look below to see the services I offer to both authors and editors.

She is that rare brand of person who is gifted at constructive criticism and compliment, formatting and content, the minutiae and the big picture …

If you’re thinking of hiring Gale, you should have done it yesterday.

Sarah Dickinson Little, author

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Winskilled Editorial

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The Winskill brand

Winskill, from Old Norse, means ‘shelter from the wind’. Although Winskill Editorial cannot shield you from the elements, I offer various editorial services to protect you from the potential pitfalls and idiosyncrasies of the English language, and enable your work to achieve its full potential.

My promise

For all work, my level of input is entirely up to you and based on what you feel your text requires.

I trust and value her opinion because she spends the time to get right into your manuscript and then gives well-formed, clear, useful, direct, realistic feedback, which she delivers in a kind, honest but positive way – just what is needed. Her aim is to make your work the best it can be.

J.B. Holman, author

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Why trust me?

As an Advanced Professional member of the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading (CIEP), I have demonstrated a high level of skills and expertise, which is backed up by 30 years of experience. I have worked on 800+ books (fiction and non-fiction), and now teach both authors and editors about different aspects of fiction.

Gale's work is thorough, professional and confidence-inspiring. Prompt, constructive communication at every stage. Excellent service.

Rachel Vevers, author

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