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Fees and estimates


For all editing and proofreading services I offer the option of paying an hourly rate or a fixed fee, and provide every client with an estimate containing both options, so they can choose the pricing structure that best suits their needs.


Critiques are priced on a project-fee basis, according to their word count.


Bespoke service

All projects are priced individually, depending on the service you request, the estimated time involved and the extent of your text (please see Additional Information below).


Minimum charge

For small jobs, including sample edits, there is a minimum charge for one hour's work.



Free no-obligation quotations will be readily provided following a discussion of your requirements.

I feel I have received great value for money from you.

Jeff Probst, author

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Additional information

The number of words edited or proofread per hour will depend upon the amount of work required for each individual text, as the number of document errors will vary from one client to another.

For this reason, it is helpful to see a small sample of text (usually the first few chapters) on which to base the estimate. This incurs no infringement of the author's copyright. It also ensures that, as far as possible, quotations are accurate.

For further information please contact me directly.

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