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Literary consultancy

Reading through your comments I realized what a skill critiquing is. You pointed out a few things others have suggested in the past, but the way you expressed it was so different, I was inclined to listen and not get defensive.

Ulka Karandikar, author

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Critiques/manuscript evaluations include:

  • reading your work to see whether it is suitable for publication or submission in its current state, and whether it is appropriate for your proposed audience

  • can be based on a whole manuscript, or only the opening chapters of a book

  • offering feedback on your plot, characterization, use of language, marketability, standard of writing and so on (fiction)

  • providing an assessment of your presentation, structure, accessibility of material, clarity, language, marketability, standard of writing and so on (non-fiction)

  • submitting a written report

Depending on your requirements, they can also be combined with:

  • detailed editorial feedback on your manuscript

  • highlighting areas of your text that could be improved and offering specific suggestions for doing so

  • emphasizing your strengths while offering constructive criticism about the weaker elements of your work

  • a full copy-edit of the manuscript

I much appreciate the time and serious attention and thought you've given to my draft, the well-structured way you've done it and your tone – that your advice (wise words borne from your intelligence and experience) isn't the last word, but for me to consider.

Jeff Probst, author

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Some authors may also require coachingwhich I am very happy to provide.

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