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Editing specialisms

  • General adult fiction

  • Children’s fiction and picture books

  • Young adult fiction

  • General non-fiction

  • Narrative non-fiction (i.e. memoir)

I wasn’t sure about spending money on an editor, but Gale has absolutely convinced me of the merits. It was money well spent.

Colin Storrier, author

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Publishing a book can involve a wide variety of stages, including: planning; first draft; critique; structural editing; beta read; authenticity read; permissions; rewriting; index; artwork; copy-editing; final draft; design; proofreading; marketing and rights; and publication.

A book may need all, most, or just a few of these tasks and stages. Take a look at my Editorial & literary services below to see what's available.


Unsure what you need, or if you even need an editor? Why not check out this blog

For all work, my level of input is entirely up to you and based on what you feel your text requires, combined with the nature of your material, your proposed audience and the current state of your text. 

What I most appreciate about Gale's approach to editing is her ability to ask the questions on a manuscript that most editors and proofreaders will not ask.

Rose Sandy, Publishing Director, HarperNonFiction

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Winskilled Editorial

Why do you need professional input?

Whatever the ultimate goal for your work, an editor can assist with the aspects of your text that are likely to be the most troublesome, so that you have an opportunity to address them before continuing your writing journey. An editor can help you to:

  • see whether your writing is fit for publication, self-publishing, or submission in its current state

  • ensure that your message/narrative is clear and easily understood

  • check for consistency of spelling, punctuation, grammar and layout

  • achieve your text’s full potential

  • contextualize and understand your material in the wider publishing milieu

  • recognize where your work succeeds and where it could be improved

  • circumvent unnecessary and avoidable criticism

  • verify any factual material

  • rewrite your text into straightforward English

Editorial and literary services

Editorial & literary services

Her insight allowed me to think more clearly about how the books were structured and improved my writing overall.

Melissa Addey, author, writing coach, ALLi Campaigns Manager

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