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Proofreading and book doctoring

Gale’s patient and painstaking proofread helped us to publish a complex, fully illustrated, high-quality book with complete confidence. The result speaks for itself.

    Alan Boyle, Leannta Associates

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Proofreading involves the following:

  • Checking your final draft for any remaining minor errors, inconsistencies or incorrect layout

  • Investigating your otherwise unedited text for grammar, spelling, punctuation and other textual and layout inconsistencies

  • Often confused with copy-editing, this is very much a final polish to your text and nothing more

Gale has a wonderful ability to polish a writer's prose without changing its creative shape. 

 Sonja Lewis, author and vlogger

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Book doctoring

​This can include some or all of the following:


  • ​Adapting material for a specific readership

  • Re-ordering/restructuring your text

  • Rewriting problematic areas of text

  • Writing additional text

  • Shortening text

  • Anglicizing text where American usage is inappropriate for the proposed audience

  • Checking and rewriting text written by authors whose first language is not English, to ensure it makes sense and expresses correctly what they wish to say

Other services

Gale's brilliant advice and assistance was invaluable ... A truly remarkable service. I cannot recommend Gale enough.

 Cyrus Chainey, author

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  • Ghostwriting (clients on request)

  • Co-authoring: the provision of additional or partial text for a work in progress (clients on request)

  • Drafting cover blurbs, synopses and catalogue copy

  • Assisting with query letters

  • Reference-checking

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