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Gale’s patient and painstaking proofread helped us to publish a complex, fully illustrated, high-quality book with complete confidence. The result speaks for itself.

    Alan Boyle, Leannta Associates

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Proofreading involves the following:

  • Checking your final draft for any remaining minor errors, inconsistencies or incorrect layout

  • Investigating your otherwise unedited text for grammar, spelling, punctuation and other textual and layout inconsistencies

  • Often confused with copy-editing, this is very much a final polish to your text and nothing more

Additional services


  • Altering your material to adapt it for a specific readership

  • Checking text written by authors whose first language is not English, to ensure it makes sense and expresses correctly what you wish to say

  • Shortening text

  • Anglicizing text where American usage is inappropriate for the proposed audience


  • Ghost-writing. This very much depends on the specific project and is usually limited to the provision of additional text, rather than writing whole works

  • Drafting cover blurbs, synopses and catalogue copy

  • Assisting with query letters

  • Reference-checking

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